Ads Bravely Let Conventionally Attractive Models Go Photoshop Free


Clothing company Rag & Bone’s DIY Project is pretty simple. They give a tall, thin, white woman a camera and a bag of their clothing, and then they have them take a bunch of pictures and use them in an ad campaign.

Huffington Post is lauding the idea as a “refreshing” part of a “positive movement”, but it just looks like more of the same to me. I guess the absence of Photoshop means you might have to look through more pictures to find an excellent shot, but if all the models fit our standard beauty ideal, I’m not sure they’ll have to look all that hard.

Well, if nothing else, it seems like Rag & Bone is at least saving some money on paying people to shoot the looks — maybe that’s the revolutionary part?

[Huffington Post]

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