Agoraphobic Woman Leaves Home, Falls into a Goddamn Open Manhole 


Not to be a buzzkill, but here is one of the most depressing stories you’ll read this month: A woman with severe agoraphobia left her house and promptly fell down a manhole. Because the universe is a cruel place with a bad sense of humor.

According to ITV News, Janet Faal recently made one of her rare trips out into the world with a friend, who had to back her car out of the parking lot before they could go any further. But there was a wooden pallet in the way. Janet went to move the pallet and stepped right into an open manhole waiting underneath, breaking her nose and doing a number on her leg. It seems someone had covered the manhole—exposed by a broken cover—with the pallet. “I moved the pallet and took a step over – never in my life did I think there was a hole underneath, I thought it had just fallen over,” Faal told ITV. Do they not have bright orange cones in the United Kingdom?

Faal’s son is pissed. He told ITV:

I’m absolutely livid. Whoever owns that manhole should get it fixed and get it fixed right now.
It’s ruined my mother’s recovery. I can’t believe it. Whoever owns that manhole has something serious to answer for.

The Telegraph says the holes are the subject of a long-running dispute between a nearby tire shop and its landlord. Neither of them feels its their responsibility to fix the problem, which is exactly how somebody’s agoraphobic grandmother ends up getting hurt, you jerks.

Photo via artzenter/Shutterstock.

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