All Lil Tay's Instagram Posts Have Been Deleted by Lil Tay or Another Person


Last we saw her, Lil Tay, the shit-talking Insta-famed 9-year-old and deep source of adult concern, appeared smoking hookah in a WorldStar video, which seemed to finally hit the limit of acceptability for a kid who has appeared bathing in hundred dollar bills, driving, dropping the n-word, and smoking a breadstick. The video–which blurs her face but identifies the person offering her the hookah as her 16-year-old brother and a person in the background as her mother–amplified the existing internet-wide chorus calling for protective services to check in on the child, who, according to the Atlantic, has moved into the Los Angeles home of a manager (of sorts-a social media influencer-career-launcher) Josiah Jenkins, along with her family. Now all of her Instagram posts, which have brought her 2.3 million followers, have disappeared.

When reached for comment, Anna Merlan, the head Jezebel’s Lil Tay Desk, offered: “Man, what the fuck is going on.”

As Merlan and Jezebel’s Hazel Cills have reported, Lil Tay rose to fame with the insult-slinging girl “flexers” surrounded by adult hype men, none of whom take direct responsibility for this but describe themselves as “consultants” or “collaborators” or “guides.” Tay has forged alliances with Lil Pump, who recently fired a gun in his home, and Chief Keef, who was arrested as a juvenile on charges of manufacturing and distributing heroin.

Recently, Lil Tay made a Good Morning America appearance with her brother Jason and mother Angela Tian, an erstwhile Vancouver real estate agent whose boss claims that Lil Tay’s videos were shot in his luxury listings and personal sports car without his permission. Angela was allegedly forced to resign (she says she resigned willingly). Angela says that she was present when Lil Tay got in the driver’s seat of a Rolls-Royce and drove in a parking lot for one of her videos. When asked about accusations that he’d been coaching her, Jason hovers over her and says “a lot of people are going to say this and that, we just keep going.” Tay appears polite and articulate, at times flustered by questions about who makes the decisions. She claims that she’s never said a curse word in “real life.”

Footage recently leaked of a teenage boy’s voice behind the camera feeding Lil Tay lines such as “Lil Tay got a hundred dollar on her wrist, you can’t tell me shit,” as Tay listens intently. In another, she cries out, “Mommy, stop, I was filming!”

On GMA, Lil Tay and her mother claim that Tay runs the Instagram account on her own, which would violate Instagram’s age policy. The account most recently said it was “managed by management team.”

Her mother and team could not be reached for comment.

Lil Tay is currently “home-schooled.”

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