American Apparel's New Plans for Social Activism Less Sexy Than Before


American Apparel’s new CEO Paula Schneider and chairwoman Colleen Brown are taking a new approach to the company’s well-known support of political and social issues. In the past, the clothing company addressed its stance on LGTBQ rights, fair labor practices and immigration reform through billboards and their infamous advertisements, but now they plan to do it in a brand new manner—through an informative blog—launching this summer. Since founder and prime dirtbag Dov Charney was dethroned in January of this year, a startling amount of changes have occurred for American Apparel including lawsuits galore, a series of layoffs resulting in the termination of 180 employees, a Photoshopping controversy and a particularly offensive casting call.

According to Racked, the blog will be a departure from the company’s usual strategy of using shock value as a means of promotion and will focus on issues like bullying and LGTBQ rights. Amidst the questionable new changes under her leadership, Schneider stated that she still wants American Apparel to be outspoken when it comes to crucial social issues. “It’s a company that does the right thing. It aligned with my own personal beliefs,” she told Bizwoman. “That’s what really made me want to take the position. I think we can do something great here.” Schneider also said that the blog will be written in American Apparel’s familiar voice. Crossing fingers that Buttercup the Sloth will have her own column.

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