Amish Are Getting Vaccinated After Measles Outbreak in Their Community


Although they typically object to immunization, members of an Ohio Amish community have been seeking measles shots in droves after an outbreak sickened at least 15 people.

A woodworking business was turned into a makeshift clinic—that was packed with more than 135 on Thursday—where nurses were administering vaccines. According to a spokeswoman for the Knox County, Ohio, Health Department, every available dose was used and 300 more were ordered.

Earlier this week, four unvaccinated Amish people showed signs of a measles infection following the group’s humanitarian trip to the Philippines in March. (The Philippines is currently experiencing an ongoing measles outbreak, with more than 20,000 infected and at least 50 dead.) It’s believed that those four people infected at least 11 more, ages 2 to 48.

Religious doctrine doesn’t prohibit inoculations for the Amish, but many families have traditionally resisted getting their children vaccinated. The recent outbreak seems to have changed their minds about that.

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