Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd Star in a Very Perfect RomCom Parody


Your passionate appeals to the rom-com gods have finally been answered: this year, a romantic comedy parody starring Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd will premiere at Sundance. It’s called They Came Together, and it’s directed by David Wain (of Wet Hot American Summer fame).

Wain premiered a clip exclusively on BuzzFeed, in which Rudd and Poehler run into one another in a local bookstore and forget their differences due to their shared love of the genre of fiction and their shared experiences having grandmothers (what are the odds!!!). There’s also this fantastic director’s statement:

I teamed up with Michael Showalter to take on a topic that (to our knowledge) has yet been seen in the movies: ROMANCE — particularly heterosexual romance between two white people.

Our next idea was to mix this romance story with humor – so you could almost call this a Romantic-Comedy, so to speak.

We first worked with Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd on Wet Hot American Summer. They played summer camp counselors in that movie, so it was obviously hard for us to imagine them playing a shopkeeper and a corporate executive, respectively. But thanks to a team of acting coaches and an award™ winning VFX team, we pulled off the illusion.

Ugh, finally someone is making a movie about the deep and enduring bond two heterosexual white humans can make after exchanging several sexually-charged platitudes. It’s about time someone broach this controversial topic. I wonder if the likable pair will encounter an easily-surmountable obstacle on the path to love and then overcome it? No, probably not; that’ll probably be too hard for audiences to believe.

They Came Together will also feature Michael Ian Black, Detective Elliot Stabler, Ed Helms, Michael Shannon and Max Greenfield. Here’s the film’s poster, which also debuted on BuzzFeed:

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