An Inside Look at What a Paparazzi's Daily Life is Really Like


Who would rather see in a celeb tabloid—Dylan McDermott doing push-ups or Zach Galifianakis eating at a cafe? This is just one of the many questions paparazzis have to answer every day in the name of their livelihood.

Marketplace created this rather interesting look inside the daily life of a paparazzi, by hanging out with 20-year-veteran Giles Harrison. So what are some of the things we learn? Well, apparently paparazzis can’t “give away” pictures of Galifianakis (WHAT? BUT HE’S SO AWESOME!) Also, shitty assignments are referred to as “Jamba Juice” money (because that’s about all the money you’re going to make off them.)

Well, I have a hankering for some Jamba Juice. Anybody know where Galifianakis is hanging out right now?

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