An Ornery Jon Gosselin Allegedly Fired 'Warning Shot' at Photographer

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Not only has Jon “Davy Crockett” Gosselin dropped off the grid somewhere in rural Pennsylvania, there’s a rumor going ’round that he just recently took a break from waiting tables to threaten a photographer with a gun after that photographer accidentally/on purpose followed him on his property. To the TMZ rumor machine!

It all went down yesterday in Beckersville, PA when a photog (not ours) followed the reality star home from his new waiter’s gig … trying to snap photos of the cabin where Jon lives.
The photog fessed up … she followed him off the main roads and onto dirt roads … but assumed it was a public road and not private property.
We’re told as soon as she started snapping away … Jon made an aggressive b-line for her … then pulled a gun out of the back of his pants.
The photog says Jon started yelling at her for trespassing … then fired off a warning shot.

There are an awful lot of ellipses in this report, but rest assure TMZ has the pictures of angry Jon Gosselin pulling a gun-shaped object from out of his sweatpants. Sweatpants. [TMZ]

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Image via AP, Matt Rourke

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