Angelina Jolie Is Probably Not Dating the Weeknd, OK?

And Prince George is dressed like a CEO even though he's only 7

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Angelina Jolie Is Probably Not Dating the Weeknd, OK?
“I’m Angelina Jolie, and I am not dating the Weeknd” Image:Anthony Harvey (Getty Images)

Just because one famous person is photographed near another doesn’t (usually) mean that they’re dating, but that they are just in the same place at the same time. I believe that is the case here, with Angelina Jolie and the Weeknd, though Page Six would have you believe otherwise.

Two weeks ago, they were spotted at dinner, and now, at a concert, along with some, but not all, of Jolie’s children. The dinner was maybe because the Weeknd wants to get into acting, after his brief turn in Uncut Gems. Or maybe it was because he wants to date Angelina Jolie, even though Angelina Jolie was spotted with her (h0t) ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller, and rekindling that relationship makes more sense than a rumored-but-likely-false relationship with The Weeknd.

Famous people do stuff together all the time (I assume), and it’s fun to read into it if they do stuff with people they used to bone OR with people so improbable that the only reason they seem to be together is that they are boning, or are about to. In this case, though, I think it’s a slow news day for everyone, and Page Six was making lemonade from the grotty little lemons they were handed—just like the rest of us. [Page Six]

There was a large football (the kicking kind, not the CTE kind) game across the pond, and Prince George was there with his parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William, who is reaching the stage where he could shave his head and be okay with it. My understanding of sports is that England was playing Italy, and according to the push notification I received on my telephone yesterday, Italy won and it was a big deal.

Very happy for the Italian soccer men with big thighs and hearts full of gabbagool, but I’d like to share these two seconds of Prince George clapping, laughing, and reacting in delight to a goal scored by Olde Englande.

Look at this little man! Dressed like Boss Baby, which technically, he is. Watch as he throws his head back and laughs in delight, but also watch at how he manages to not only look like an insurance salesman but also how he claps and laughs like a 56-year-old executive, sitting on the porch of his palatial estate in Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard, watching his goldendoodle, Pickleback, frolicking in the setting sun. [Hollywood Life]

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  • What’s this about Chris Brown’s housekeeper suing him because his dog allegedly attacked her and he then (allegedly) had the dog euthanized to “hide the evidence”? [Dlisted]
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