Ann Coulter Finally Admits She Has No Friends


Right-wing bigot Ann Coulter is frustrated that criticizing President Trump has left her with no one to talk to. A tragedy!

The Palm Beach Post reports that 600 people came to hear Coulter speak at a luncheon on Monday, where she said that speaking out against Trump at moments when she doesn’t find him sufficiently racist has caused a rift in her social life:

“It’s frustrating,” Palm Beach resident Coulter said at a Forum Club of the Palm Beaches luncheon. “I can’t talk to Trump detractors because, as the subtitle to my last book indicated, they’re insane. I can’t talk to the Trump flatterers because they think as soon as it comes out of his mouth, it has happened. No, he’s an excellent talker. It’s just when it comes to doing anything that he falls down on the job.”

Coulter went on to call Trump a “shallow, narcissistic conman,” a continuation of a months-long fight that she says stems from his “inaction” on immigration. In other words, Coulter wants more cruelty, and Trump isn’t delivering enough of it.

In response, Trump has resorted to saying “I don’t know her” and recently called her a “wacky nut job.”

The Palm Beach Post asked Coulter about the latter comment after the luncheon. Coulter reportedly “brushed off” the criticism, saying, “I don’t know why he doesn’t just ignore me. He doesn’t mind ignoring the rest of his base.”

This burn would be better if it didn’t come from the woman who literally wrote a book called In Trump We Trust. Coulter can’t take back that L.

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