Anthropologie's New Models Are Total Animals


The November Anthropologie catalog has gone to the dogs. And pigs. And bunnies!

While sister company Urban Outfitters is feeling depressed, Anthro is feeling full of Whimsy. Of course, Whimsy can be pricey: That adorable dress is $168; the shoes are $188. Don’t worry: Dreaming is free!

When Alice steps through the looking glass, she’d better discover that the exchange rate works in her favor: This “Lighted Walk” dress is $398.

Which came first? The giant chicken, the egg, or the feeling that things are about to get really weird? Also, who wears $495 Chie Mihara booties in the farmyard? That’s fowl.

Jokes aside, this is a really great shoot. Awesome art direction and dreamy photography. A dose of quirk and a spoonful of playfulness is what we need as the days get shorter and colder. We also need this “Out Of The Jungle” jacket for $168. And by we I mean me.

The Whimsy is briefly interrupted by an elegant, sophisticated painterly section, in which the stunning model wears drapey, romantic watercolor things your closet longs for. Case in point: Lorene dress, $138. Making the goddess look look easy.

Back to the Whimsy: Things truly get silly on page 44, with a chicken in a handbag.

This seems as good a time as any to tell my recent ghost story.

The building that stood on the lot before the building I live in now was constructed housed a live poultry place. Chickens were purchased — and killed — there. Sometimes, I’ll hear noises come from a certain corner of the apartment. There’s a bookcase out of which things will fall, or shift, or move. Instead of blaming Ikea, I usually joke that there is a chicken ghost, haunting me.

A couple of nights ago, at 4 am, I heard a crash come from the bookcase. Upon leaving the bed and turning on the lights, I saw two small frames — which had been in the bookcase — on the floor. Each of these frames held bugs. They were framed beetles, kind of like this one. These two small frames were the only things that had fallen from the bookcase. Bugs! Evidence of a poultry geist. A hungry one.

But back to the Anthro critters! The turtle with the teacups seems burdened.

This mouse is singing, “I always feel like… Somebody’s trying to grab me…”

Alice’s tea party would be incomplete without a white rabbit.

Trying to decide if this is an alpaca or a llama led me to watch a video about the difference between the two. Definitely a llama! How these creatures feel about wearing necklaces was not touched upon.

Bottom right-hand corner: A cat wearing a dog sweater. THE HUMILIATION. You can tell that puss is pissed.

For $378, you could buy the hideous boots that sheep is wearing. For $120, you could buy an actual sheep for a family via the Heifer Organization.

Millicent cannot understand why she was asked to work alongside filthy farm animals, and is waiting patiently for her blasted gin and tonic, thank you very much.

The fox is certainly foxy, but the chair says “creepy uncle’s rec room,” and not in a good/ironic way.

This little piggy wore cashmere. Except it’s actually acrylic. So this little piggy may have an itchy rash.

Yes ma’am, there are officially more dogs in this catalog than people of color. Hard to swallow, I know. But your hair looks great!

Anthropologie [Official Site]

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