Apparently Nobody Told Jessica Stam About The Whole Bin Laden Thing


Following lots of fashion people on Twitter, as I do for this job, has its unexpected moments. When unforeseen, world-changing, big deal, really, actual news-news breaks, funny, strange, and strangely affecting things happen. Last night, for example, fashion writer Derek Blasberg wanted most to talk about where he was when he got the news — Vera Wang’s apartment.

DNKY’s official account Tweeted the news a little over an hour after Donald Rumsfeld’s chief of staff, Keith Urbahn, became the first person to publicly state that reliable sources were saying Osama Bin Laden was dead. DKNY’s Tweet also came after Fox had started reporting the content of what was then still a rumor in its broadcasts. But many of @DKNY’s 330,000 followers heard the news first from a brand. (They Tweeted about that, in fact.)

Shopbop soon Tweeted the same headline.

Meanwhile, accessories brand Hayden-Harnett — like Lady Gaga — couldn’t or wouldn’t turn off its pre-scheduled Tweets.

Nylon magazine’s Faran Krentcil was ready with an airport security joke.

GQ fashion editor Damien Nunes said something funny, and publicist Matt Kays laughed.

Meanwhile, even as late as midnight, nobody had told supermodel Jessica Stam.

Lucky‘s John Jannuzzi headed to Ground Zero, but didn’t necessarily like the spirit of the crowds that had gathered there.

Designers — including prolific Twitterers like Diane von Furstenberg and Prabal Gurung — mostly didn’t pipe up in the moment, though some shared reflections later. Except for Richard Chai, who Tweeted a link the photo of the crying firefighter at Ground Zero that was making the rounds late last night.

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