April Fools' Jokes, Jokes, Jokes, and Jokes


Today is April 1st, 2014, commonly known in many parts of the world as April Fools’ Day. On April Fools’ Day, people – in real life and on the internet – enjoy “pranking” or “joking” with each other. Here are some of the pranks that companies made of real people offered online today.

The Today Show fucked up their prank because morning TV is the worst.

The Washington Post did something about drones because they’re owned by Amazon now.

Match.com released a “digital vinyl” album devoted to Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin called Conscious Coupling. (Would listen.)


Southwest is going to Mars. You’re not Richard Branson, Southwest! Who, by the way, wants you to know you can control the climate on his airplanes and that you will soon be able to live in a building that is totally self-sustainable and rotates That’s just mean Richard; we could actually use those things. Global warming is real.

Bon Appétit celebrated normcore food.

The Daily Caller said that BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith would be joining them as LGBTQ editor. This post includes the word “tranny.”

Other republicans were funny too.

Betabrand teamed up with Cheezburger to sell clothes for cats. “There are many injustices in this world, perhaps none more egregious than the fact that cat-themed clothes exist for humans, yet it’s next to impossible to find a human-inspired garments for cats.” This would be funnier except that people actually buy shit like this for their pets.

Betabrand also did a thing about sexy adult diapers. Incontinence is a real problem guys.

Bill Clinton has a cool political partnership marriage.

LinkedIn wants you to connect with cats. Cats! They’re still amazing.

Tumblr would enjoy upgrading you to Pro.

Reddit and imgur did things destined to make your life better.

The Guardian published an article about how Darth Vadar is running for president of Ukraine.

Digg found the horniest states in America but the post is really about what states have the a lot of animals with horns on their heads, not in their pants Spoiler: Alaska does well.

Google did what Google does and took over the world. There was stuff from Google Chrome and Emojis, Google Naps, photobombs on Google Plus, Gmail “Shelfies” and the Google Pokémon challenge. YouTube also got in on the action. Remember that year they just left it to that one joke about how they’d print out all your emails for you? Classic times.

Airbnb has a funny name.

This is very mean.

Netflix made a batch of new videos to rival Fireplace For Your Home of food cooking called Rotisserie Chicken or Sizzling Bacon. They will make you hungry.

What did we miss? Was it HILARIOUS?!

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