Arch-Rivals Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood To Stay In Separate Grammy Corners

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Celebrity execs and personal handlers at this year’s Grammys have been ordered to keep Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood far away from each other during Sunday’s awards ceremony so they don’t scratch each others’ eyes out or something. Not only are the two both tributaries from District Blonde-Country-Crossover who must eventually battle to the death, but a Team Swift source claims that “Taylor feels Carrie is always rude to her, so she steers clear of her.” At last year’s CMAs Underwood and her co-host Brad Paisely negged Swift about her relationship with Conor Kennedy; Underwood also once told Allure Mag rather tersely: “I’m not close to her.”

The rumor is being disputed with the citation of this photo of Swift and Underwood hugging, as if that’s some kind of proof that they’re biffles. But think of all the times you’ve hugged some asshole you hated just because people were watching. And you’re probably not even famous! [HuffPo, Us Weekly]

  • Although this is the last-ever thing I’d want to think of iconic Sweet Charity star and overall awesome Shirley MacLaine, her daughter Sachi Parker, now 56, claims in a forthcoming tell-all called Lucky Me that the Downton Abbey actress “pressured” the 17-year-old Parker to lose her virginity to a 1970s boyfriend while a pair of sex therapists was staying at their Malibu home.”
  • We’re all here to help you, sweetheart,” MacLaine allegedly said, according to the excerpts.
    [Parker] felt like Mia Farrow surrounded by Satanists in Rosemary’s Baby.
    After having unprotected sex while MacLaine waited in a nearby room, the couple purportedly emerged to a waiting audience.
    “Did you achieve climax?” the sex therapists asked, according to Parker.
    “We both nodded vigorously. They smiled smugly. I hated them.”
  • MacLaine says that her daughter’s book is “virtually all fiction.” 😐 [NYDN]
  • Mariska Hargitay (<333) on her mom, famous pinup girl Jayne Mansfield, who died in a car accident when Hargitay was six: “There’s this picture of her in a director’s chair with her measurements on the back: 40-21-35. When I look at that picture part of me says, ‘Mom, I love your sense of humor.’ But the other part of me says, ‘No, your name is supposed to go there. Your body is not who you are.” [People]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill gave each other YA BRO mega high-fives as they swam with an unidentified topless woman. [Daily Mail]
  • BTW, DiCaprio may be dating homely Weekawken librarian Rachel Gleeberschmitz Albanian model Aferdita Dreshaj. [Page Six]
  • Chanel Iman and A$AP Rocky are dating, I love it. [Page Six]
  • A former Lil Wayne fan is suing after one of Weezy’s posse allegedly slammed a skateboard over his head. [TMZ]
  • The first photo of Minka Kelly as Jackie O. in The Butler. [People]
  • The Kate Upton Sports Illustrated cover was leaked. You look cold, Kate Upton! Take my sweater. [TMZ]
  • Bradley Cooper’s mom warned him against a reunion with Zoe Saldana. [MTV UK]
  • Kiefer Sutherland wore a bra with dynamite strapped on it as he was awarded Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Man of the Year title. [E!]
  • Here’s a trippy shot of Nikita star Maggie Q’s poster for PETA. [HuffPo]
  • Cee Lo Green is being sued for two Christmas concerts he bailed on. [TMZ]
  • Northeastern storm Nemo kept Katie Holmes from attending the show for her own fashion line, Holmes & Yang. [People]
  • LeAnn Rimes walked a pre-Grammy red carpet without looking like she was about to keel over and die. [Us Weekly]
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