Are You Ready For More Men In Speedos?


The Telegraph says that more British men than ever will be wearing Speedos this summer. Or as they apparently prefer to call them, “budgie smugglers.”

What’s the evidence for this coming surge in tiny swimwear for men?

According to price comparison website Ciao, there has been a 400 per cent increase in searches for Speedo swimwear in the past six months, compared with the same time last year. Meanwhile, department stores John Lewis and Debenhams said sales of tight, short men’s trunks had been selling exceptionally well ever since Daniel Craig appeared in a pair of so-called budgie smugglers in his first outing as James Bond over three years ago.

Also allegedly to blame: the Australian footballers shown in Sex And The City 2 “frolicking in a swimming pool, all wearing the briefest of Speedos, further helping sales of the sportswear.”

Leaving aside the plausibility that men would be taking fashion cues from a movie so aggressively marketed to women — anything is possible when it comes to SATC2! — there is ample precedent for men, in the British Isles and beyond, wiggling into these briefs. Just look at the helpful slideshow the Telegraph appended. A highlight presented by Rod Stewart:

It is perhaps a dubious sign of equality when men are subjected to some of the insecurities, so familiar to women, induced by such body-baring fashions. Then again, Rod looks like he’s having such a good time!

Speedos Set For Return To British Beaches [Telegraph]
In Pictures: The Men Who Dared To Bare All [Telegraph]

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