Ashanti Lies to Fans When Club Promoter Cancels Her Show


Honesty is generally the best policy, especially when learning the truth requires no more than an internet connection and roughly five minutes.

Thus learned Ashanti when, on Sunday, she posted on Instagram that her show at New York City’s Club Mixx, originally scheduled for that evening, had been cancelled on police orders.

It took minimal detective work on the part of her fans to learn that she was spreading a big, bad falsehood. And once the club promoter caught wind of Ashanti’s lie, he set the record straight: her show had been cancelled due to low attendance.

Uh oh, girl.

Ashanti’s embarrassment—the likely impetus for her lie—is certainly understandable. But her fans, already flustered by the cancelled show, were further rankled by her dishonesty.

However disgruntled they may be now, hopefully Ashanti’s fans will give her a pass. Having a show cancelled must be a hell of a bummer, especially under these humbling circumstances.

But Ashanti, we don’t need to tell you that you made the wrong call here.

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Top Image via Getty. Embedded Screengrabs via Bossip.

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