At Last, Some Good News: Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli Lost Money on Their House

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At Last, Some Good News: Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli Lost Money on Their House
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Little known fact: Natalie Imbruglia wrote her 1997 debut single “Torn”* about the complex tension that I, me, specifically, am feeling right now between my desire to abolish all prisons and the delight I’m taking in Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli facing some consequences for their role in trying to maintain America’s violent class system, which has benefited them immensely to the detriment of hundreds of millions of others.

But this being Dirt Bag and not therapy, who cares! The former Full House star and her fashion designer husband sold their Bel Air mansion in preparation for their sentencing date next month, Us Weekly reports, and it would appeeeeeear that they lost a ton of money in the sale. To which I say: baha.

They bought the house for $14 million and put in a lot of work renovating it to their liking. They were not so long ago asking for $28.7 million, Us says, but the couple ended up settling for only (“only”) $18 million from Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen. My background in the housing market is as deficient as my background in economics, but a broker who was trying to show the apartment I moved out of last month told me during one of his visits that no one’s buying right now—what with the pandemic-induced depression and all—so yeah. This squares, perhaps.

* I know that Natalie Imbruglia didn’t write “Torn,” it’s just a half-baked bit I’m committing to in order to finish this blog and get paid. I’m just a writer in New York with no healthcare, bay bee—Carrie Bradshaw is shaking!!!!

Andrew Gallery, a photographer who worked with Britney Spears during her Circus era comeback (2008-09), claims to possess a letter in which Spears speaks out against her conservatorship, Us Weekly reports.

In a quintet of viral TikToks, Gallery reads the purported letter—a copy of the original handwritten letter Spears allegedly gave him over 10 years ago, before her conservators could destroy it.

Written in the third person, the letter says:

No one talks about these things because no one knows the truth.
Her behavior when her children got taken away because of her locking herself in the bathroom is understandable, considering her friend at the door kept telling her, ‘the cops are leaving, don’t worry, stay in the bathroom.’ She was lied to and set up. Her children were taken away, and she did spin out of control, which any other mother would in those circumstances…
Britney has been silenced to speak about anything that’s really going on. The people controlling her life have made $3 million this year If she speaks up, she is threatened. She would love for new eyes to see her situation. When she brings it up, she is constantly threatened that the conservators will take her children away.
So, how long does this go on? As long as the people are getting paid and she has no rights at all, it could go on for a while—but it doesn’t make it right at all.

OK, well I didn’t expect this.

Makeup giant Morphe has cut ties with Jeffree Star. It only took approx. one millionina racist and/or otherwise appalling scandals for them to do it, but you know what? I’ll take it.

“Today we’ve made the decision to cease all commercial activity related to Jeffree Star and affiliated products,” the company wrote in a tweet posted on Friday.

For those outside of the beautuber loop, Morphe is gigantic makeup company that sells a bunch of influencers’ branded cosmetics lines including James Charles and Jaclyn Hill. Jeffree Star Cosmetics has been a huge revenue generator for the corporation, The Verge reports, so this doesn’t really seem like a conveniently timed effort to drop a low-performing business partner under the guise of doing what’s right?

“We expect this to conclude within the coming weeks,” Morphe’s statement continues. “As we look to the future, we will continue to share updates on what lies ahead for the Morphe brand.”

Star’s products are still up on Morphe’s website as of a literal second ago, but I’m assuming that’s going to change?

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