"Author" Kendra Dishes About Meth And Hef


Kendra appeared this morning on Today to discuss the release of her memoir, Sliding Into Home, in which she reveals salacious details about her drug use (meth!), stripping, and life at the Playboy Mansion—including sex with Hugh Hefner.

Although Kendra spoke openly to Kathie Lee and Hoda about her past drug use and stripping, she made no mention of her recent sex tape scandal. The funniest thing, to me, was how the reality star was billed in Today‘s cable description:

If nothing else, her book promises to be a quick and juicy read. (The first sentence of the first chapter: “So you’ll be naked?”) The first five chapters are actually available on Amazon. In the intro she speaks lovingly of Hef, but you can tell that things weren’t always so great between Kendra and Holly and Bridget. Kendra, no doubt, expands upon that later in the book:

He’s the kindest, most thoughtful man on the planet and he saw strength in me that I didn’t even know existed. He let me fail and succeed on my own because he believed in me more than I believed in myself at the time. Holly and Bridget—there was probably a time when they wanted me to fail, but we all became good friends and learned to not judge a book by its cover.

She does acknowledge—on the cover no less—that the book was ghostwritten, although her voice is very much intact, including ending sentences in prepositions:

Behind the laugh you hear on television, there is a girl who has been through some intense shit—stuff I’m proud of and stuff I’m not so proud of.

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