'Baby Fart Aerobics' Is the Best Thing to Happen on YouTube in Ages


I am, for the most part, a sour and grumpy human who has HAD IT UP TO HERE (imagine something really high) with the internet’s incessant dazzles and follies. But every once in a long, long while, a special treasure comes along that blasts apart my apathy with a cylindrical jet of hot, steamy funk coming out of a butt.

Today, that magic ticket is BABY FART AEROBICS.

The best part of Baby Fart Aerobics is obviously the name; and the second-best part of Baby Fart Aerobics is obviously the theme song, in which Peruvian pan-flutes groove over a calypso beat while mamma’s li’l angels fly around on “nature’s jetpacks” (BUTTS) and punctuate the tune with their fartzzicato butt music. The third-best thing about Baby Fart Aerobics is the fact that some day those fart-babies are going to grow up into fart-teenagers and their friends are going to find out about this and it is going to be a revolution.

Now, I can’t speak to the effectiveness of Baby Fart Aerobics when it comes to actually aerobicizing baby farts. But if by “effectiveness” you mean “ability to make me laugh unstoppably for one hour,” then I give Baby Fart Aerobics FIVE STARS ON BUTT YELP.

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