Backup Plan? Bring Adorable Dog To Premiere!


Yes, J.Lo was at the Back-Up Plan‘s premiere at Westwood, California’s Regency Village Theatre. So were a bunch of other stars in really shiny outfits. But the real star? Nubbins the dog and his red-carpet-worthy mobility cart!

The two stars! I’d say Nubbins overshadows Jennifer’s shrink-wrapped tin-foil.

Heidi seems to have used the same shrink-wrapper!

And Jennifer Elise Cox! Maybe that one they sell on TV that uses vacuum suction so sweaters shrink down to about 1/2.”

Noureen DeWulf pairs her second skin with girl-group hair.

Speaking of 60s retro, Kali Hawk kinda works this lounge-singer lamé!

Continuing that trend, I give you Leah Remini. And her shoes, possibly made of upholstery tacks.

Karina Smirnoff goes matchy – very matchy. My grandma, somewhere, is looking down approvingly.

Dancer Edyta Sliwinska must find it really hard to dance in a dress this long.

Poker player Tiffany Michelle probably needs comfy duds that won’t distract during a marathon poker session. Nevertheless: garbage-bag leggings are not appropriate red-carpet wear. I have declared.

[Images via Getty.]

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