Barack Obama Loves Looking At Awesome Things


In a recent gallery, New York Magazine demonstrated President Obama‘s skill at feigning interest in mundane things. Now Dean Trippe has come to Obama’s defense, proving (via Photoshop) that the President spends most of his time looking at awesome things.

The original photos posted in February showed the President suffering in silence as he was forced to gaze upon electrical switches at Hudson Valley Community College, solar panels at Nellis Air Force Base, and a jar of dirt at MIT. But on his Tumblr, Trippe has set out to prove that Obama’s also taken a keen interest in things that do not suck, including:

Hatching velociraptor eggs.

The bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

And Ghostbusting.

Check out Trippe’s Flickr for the complete set, including Obama marveling at a Mogwai, a Batarang, and the Hogwarts Express. And of course, feel free to recommend in the comments any other objects that Obama would enjoy as a connoisseur of awesomeness.

A History Of Obama Feigning Interest In Mundane Things [NY Mag/Daily Intel]
Barack Obama Looking At Awesome Things [Dean Trippe Tumblr via Andrew Sullivan]

[Images via Flickr.]

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