Beauty & Beastliness At Grey Gardens, Los Angeles

Grey Gardens‘ Hollywood premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre lat nightbrought out some fab, and some fug. Oh, and did we mention Bai Ling?

The Good:

I didn’t think Drew Barrymore could top her NYC 30’s bombshell look, but this Valley of the Dolls ensemble is fabulous!

The neckline makes Lucy Barzun Donnelly’s LBD.

And Alison Brie’s iteration is flirty and pretty.

Love the soft colors and whimsical embellishment on Jessica Lange‘s two-tone.

The Spring palette makes Jennie Garth’s sixties-inflected numero.

The Bad:

Ali Larter does gladiator. As is her prerogative.

Jennifer Elise Cox’s urban cowgirl has a touch of the Juniors department about it, no? Not that, ahem, I shop there or anything.

Wow, everyone else must have felt so awkward when they showed up and realized they’d missed the Polka-Dot Short-Short Tuxedo-Sans-Bra dress code memo!

What Say You?

Michelle Chin: upstanding or upholstery?

[Images via Getty]

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