Beauty Products Made From Baby Foreskins? Never Thought of That


Have you heard about the guy in San Francisco who wants the city government to ban the circumcision of newborn boys? If you happen to run into him, you might let him know that society actually needs those discarded foreskins.

As blogger Christie Haskell points out, babies’ foreskins are an important, organic resource—used to grow skin and skin byproducts that help burn victims, smooth out wrinkles, and take the place of poor, innocent little animal in cosmetics testing. Even Oprah’s “beloved” SkinMedica product contains baby foreskin, Haskell says. And if Oprah’s behind it, then how could it be wrong?

Your Baby’s Foreskin Makes You Pretty & Heals Burns [The Stir]

Image by Lev Olkha/Shutterstock.

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