Bernie Sanders Is Not Here to Make Friends

Bernie Sanders Is Not Here to Make Friends

What will you do with your one wild and precious life? I’ve chosen to mainline iced coffee into my veins and sing “The Shape of You” at the top of my lungs in my apartment.

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • Bernie Sanders, determined as ever to win the presidency, has made it increasingly clear to his aides and just about everyone around him that he does not plan on pandering to voters with cutesy stories about his dog or his breakfast (or his dog’s breakfast, let’s say) to win over the nation’s support. I say, if it’s a dog the people want, and it helps pave the way to universal health care, just give it to them! I’m not even sure Sanders has a dog, come to think of it—which is either a strategic move from his campaign to withhold details about his personal life, or represents a gaping hole in his life, should he actually not have a dog. A beagle would be fitting. [New York Times]
  • Well, this is fucked up: a senior Democratic aide said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is only “a woman of color when it’s convenient.” Sure, because that’s how this works:
  • Joe Biden is using his alma mater to hide decades of documents related to his career in the Senate, which is very shady, even for him. Don’t just stand by and be complicit, University of Delaware. Drop the receipts! [Washington Post]
  • Abuse of power comes as no surprise, but these commemorative coins being passed around Border Patrol agents to mock the care of migrant children are cruel, extremely petty, and gravely concerning. Fuck that, forever. [ProPublica]
  • Warren has a plan for decriminalizing border crossing that borrows a very good idea from Julián Castro; I’m not mad, this is how big, bold, brave ideas spread and ultimately become mainstream. Onwards! [CNN]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:

This has been Barf Bag…………

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