Beyoncé Goes to Coney Island, Rides the Cyclone and Has a Dance-Off


Brooklyn, Her Highness has graced you with Her presence once again: Empress Beyoncé showed up in Coney Island yesterday to shoot a music video with the notorious rake Terry Richardson. Lo, let the merriment begin!

(Fun fact about the Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster: It’s terrifying. Not because it’s steep {it’s not that steep} or fast {it’s not that fast} but because it’s made of wood and was built in 1927 and feels rickety as hell. Also people in the Twenties were very svelte: The seats are tiny.)

Our Sovereign’s faces of terror.

As night fell, Baroness Beyoncé donned a pink bow and held an inflatable bat printed with money, aka an Illuminati scepter.

Later, Her Majesty was seen performing a courtly dance with some shirtless youths. You can find a bunch of Instagram videos over at MissInfo. And to see people in Brooklyn losing their minds over the Divine B, check out this clip:

Images via Splash.

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