Beyoncé Kills Sales of Feyoncé Mugs on Etsy


Beyoncé, supporter of marriage, is not cool with these fake Etsy engagement mugs with her almost-name on it. Nice try.

These popular mugs, which are a play on the word fiancé (get it?), are no longer available for sale because Beyoncé’s lawyers threatened to sue. According to TMZ:

The singer felt the pun was more than coincidental — right down to the accent on the last “e” — so her lawyers fired off a letter to the company crying foul … and then threatening them.
Etsy got the message and took the items off the artist’s online shop. But all is not well. Etsy still has other feyonce items on it’s site, including clothing and glassware. And these items are selling big.

Get your Feyoncé regalia while it still lasts. Beyoncé is coming.

Image via TMZ/Etsy

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