Beyonce's Emerald Earrings Cost More Than Your Dream House (with Gold Pool) (and Gold Lifeguard)


The sparkly green rocks that hung from Beyonce’s earlobes at the inauguration are reportedly worth 1.8 million dollars. Created by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, who said she, like most people, designs with Beyonce in mind, and knew the earrings would be on display during Queen Bey’s big solo.

“It needed to be something important but understated at the same time,” Schwartz said.

So… did she actually buy those things? Or is this one of those things where designers lend stuff to celebrities in return for press? Or do you think she was just given them? Initially that idea sounded crazy to me, but it might just be what humans do when they get near Beyonce, we go nuts and start throwing shit at her. I feel like I’d give her pretty much anything she wanted — I’d give her my underwear if she did or didn’t ask for them. Hell, I might put them in the mail right now. Much like Santa, all you have to do is write BEYONCE on the envelope, it’ll get there.

As far as whether or not the earrings’ moment in the Beyonce sun created a feeding frenzy for similar pieces, Schwartz’s rep wouldn’t divulge any specifics but did say ‘[t]hese earrings will come in different price points with different carat weights.” Oh goody, that means there’s something for all of us! I’m gonna send an email offering $50, some Southwest drink coupons, and a GIF of capybaras chewing. Let’s do this.


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