Beyoncé's Wax Figure Gets a Glow Up

Beyoncé's Wax Figure Gets a Glow Up
Screenshot:Madame Tussaud’s Instagram

Waxyoncé 2: Waxyoncé Returns—and this time, she’s recognizable.

Two years ago, wax figure and Beyoncé enthusiasts alike rejoiced when a light-skinned, deeply disturbing statue rendering of the singer was removed from Manhattan’s Madame Tussauds. Turns out, they were just swapping out the lighting, and if you wanted to see it, you still can. (Please don’t.) But if you want to see a wax Beyoncé that actually looks like the singer, you’ll need to travel to Madame Tussauds’ original location in London, where they just unveiled the perfect specimen you see above this paragraph. Beychella Beyoncé. It’s about damn time. The glow up rivals only the real Beyoncé’s glow up. I have voluntarily elected to bow down, bitches.

She went from this:


And this:


Who is that and why is she at an airport in Australia with an eerily accurate Britney Spears figure? Fergie?

To this:

And this? Pretty good, I reckon:

If you’re wondering why Bey has been placed in front of the royal family with a crown fitting for a queen, that’s because Tussauds wanted “to celebrate her musical royalty,” according to BuzzFeed. The logic—it’s so beautiful—and it tracks.

Also, I’m not sure if wax figure vandalism is a thing, but please do not attempt to melt the doll. I still need to meet her. While you’re at Madame Tussauds in London, however, definitely consider putting this Ariana Grande statue out of its misery.

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