Bieber Perfume Will Smell Like Boy Sweat, Twitter

  • Another reason to avoid Wal-Mart the Friday after Thanksgiving: Justin Bieber‘s foray into perfume, a unisex scent called My World, will be launching to much teenaged squealing. Bieber said over IM (natch) that he personally picked out the fragrance. [WWD]
  • Kanye West “interned” with Karl Lagerfeld and realized they are like totally brothers from another mother. “It made me feel like how he felt in his space, is how I felt in my space,” says the diamond-toothed one. [The Boombox]
  • Lara Stone has said in the past that the media’s focus on her ever-so-minutely fuller-than-average (for a runway model) figure has made her feel self-conscious. “It shouldn’t necessarily be all about size,” says Stone. “I think it should be about diversity, because it’s boring if everybody looks the same. In the real world there are so many different shapes, sizes, colours and backgrounds. I don’t know how much I personally had to do with any of it, but I think it’s great that things are changing.” Although famously frank, she also finds interviews challenging. “Most people just ask the same questions. I start to feel really stupid after a while saying the same things over and over again.” [Guardian]
  • For some reason, the vision of Lindsay Lohan stuck in rehab until the new year, working on Steps 1-12, having tearful breakdowns/breakthroughs in group, reading and smoking and hugging it out — and sketching leggings for her clothing line, is really depressing us this Monday morning. [TMZ]
  • Speaking of sad celebrity endorsements, JWOWW‘s Filthy Couture clothing may be no longer (sorta), but she does have this handsome bronzing product to sell you. FYI, Radar’s “Exclusive Photo” comes from her Facebook. [Radar, Facebook]
  • Kate Moss‘s last collection for her Topshop line is launching on the 2nd of November, and naturally this teaser video makes it look much better than the poorly fitted, overpriced, snag-prone bag of loose threads it usually is. [Topshop]
  • At that concert where Taylor Momsen flashed her duct-tape-covered underaged nipples, one blogger reports that some models were smoking a joint. Quel scandale! [Fashionista]
  • Designer Tracy Feith, whose label shuttered shortly after Michelle Obama wore one of his dresses, is now on the hook for over $200,000 in unpaid rent because he personally guaranteed the leases for his boutiques. (American Apparel disclosed in its last quarterly report that Dov Charney had to personally guarantee the leases of several of the struggling chain’s largest stores.) Feith and his business partner are laying low; in court filings, it was revealed that at the same time as he was falling behind on the rent, Feith was paid $550,000 by Target for his collaboration on a line. [NYDN]
  • Vera Wang‘s “collaboration” with David’s Bridal — essentially licensed knock-offs of Wang‘s much-imitated bridal designs — will eventually expand to accessories, the designer says. [The Cut]
  • Two words that don’t often go together: Sam’s Club and diamonds. The Wal-Mart subsidiary is getting big into the bargain diamond market, at least if you count $599 to $6,000 engagement rings as a “bargain”; we note in passing that there is no mention of the Kimberley Process anywhere in this article, although the company is claiming to offer the world’s first “traceable” fine jewelry brand, whatever that means. [WWD]
  • Michael Kors recounts a birthday trip to South Africa that involved a chipped tooth, an out-of-date passport, and a lion. [WSJ]
  • Tommy Hilfiger envies Ralph Lauren, appropriately. [P6]
  • Veronica Webb, who runs marathons, wore a light-up corset for a charity fashion show. (And Katy Perry pouted.) [NYDN]
  • Someone named Teresa Giudice is “in talks” with a clothing manufacturer to make a children’s line. This clothing manufacturer once produced a kids’ line for Madonna — to be precise, the promo tie-in to her children’s book, English Roses, remember that? Somehow, this is considered “news.” [Radar]
  • Another excuse the fashion industry is offering for its failure to offer decent plus-size options? Plus-size clothing is harder to draft and fit, so students don’t want to learn it. “The human form is nothing but a bunch of curves,” says Rosemary Brantley, a designer, former model, and the head of the fashion design program at Otis College in L.A. “Those curves get very exaggerated as one gets bigger. The more exaggerated the curve, the more seaming, the more shaping, more darting, more fitting and more expense.” Because of these apparently insurmountable difficulties, few schools teach plus-size courses. This lack of expertise then leads to boxy, ill-fitting plus-size clothes predominating in the marketplace. It would seem that with a little investment in professional development for staff, and perhaps the reclassification of plus-size pattern drafting from optional to required-for-graduation, most design schools could get over these issues. [LA Times]
  • Yigal Azrouël added a blog, and online shopping, to his site. [Official Site]
  •, which you may remember is in a fashion-weight cage match with new online property, has left the Condé Nast digital fold for Fairchild Media Group. Even though they are owned by the same company, this is a Big Deal, apparently. [WWD]
  • Just over a week ago, various blogs including us wrote that Gap would not be producing three out of four styles of winter boots it had previewed — and that was wrong. Expensive boots for all, this fall! [Fashionologie]
  • Fashionista has a roundup of all the editorials that have featured that fall Miu Miu dress — you know, the one that turned up on like 18 ladymag covers simultaneously. At this point, the fact that the dress is still getting shot has to be fashion’s in-joke on its own unoriginality, right? [Fashionista]
  • Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy has acquired 14.1% of family-owned (and very profitable) luxury chain Hermès. Luxury stocks have risen a little today following this news. [WWD]
  • We kinda want to shop at some place called FUK U Lingerie Love Shop, but we’re weird like that. [Racked]
  • If you believe that wearing special tights will “tone” your butt, you truly deserve to pay $38 for them. [She Finds]
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