BIG BACHELOR GOSSIP: This Season Is Going to Be Hella Boring

In case it wasn’t clear when they anointed Farmer Chris as the latest Bachelor, it’s obvious now: all the gossip coming out of the filming of the upcoming season of The Bachelor indicates that it is going to be just as dull and lifeless as a stalk of corn that’s past its prime.

On Wednesday, the always dependable Reailty Steve teased a scoop he’d be releasing today about the new season on Twitter, writing, “Interesting things this season on the ‘Bachelor.’ Can’t remember this ever happening before.”

Consider my interest piqued, Steve! (I tried not to get my hopes up too much, but considering they’re buried six feet under the floor of my living room aka resting somewhere in the middle of my downstairs neighbor’s apartment, that wasn’t hard.) Anyway, today was the day for this “interesting” news and guess what – it is not interesting! Steve has figured out the filming locations and revealed that the cast is not going overseas until after hometown dates aka the very last few episodes of the season.

As he explains, while this isn’t interesting, it is historic:

…this will mark the first time in recent memory that a “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” season never left the country before hometown dates. I’d even venture to guess that some of these women are probably pissed at the travel this season. New Mexico, South Dakota, and Iowa? Really? Probably weren’t on their bucket list to say the least. They are definitely leaving the country for overnights and final rose, but with the next two locations in the U.S., and the first 5 episodes shot in the U.S., we have a first for this show since the early years.

The theme of this season: Down-Home Country Living, featuring AMERICAAAA (plus at least one Fox News employee-slash-Redskins Cheerleader).

Image via ABC

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