Björk Bares Her Heart, Soul, Cleavage In 'Lionsong' Video


Björk is a heartbroken half-dandelion, half-cephalopod in the video for “Lionsong” and it’s visually awe-inspiring.

What you get from this is a sense of delusional hope and disarray, like a peek into her incoherent conscience. It’s the first video from her new album Vulnicura and opens up with a keyhole snapshot of confined cleavage pumping like a beating heart to the tune of the song’s dark choir-ish intro, which gets increasingly dazed.

Collaborators Inez & Vinoodh on the video:

“Björk’s character for ‘Lionsong’ had to be smooth like a spider waiting in her web and seductive like a Balinese dancer cast in bronze. She is seen as if under a microscope, baring her heart while luring us inside the bloody galaxy of her own wound.”

Cool. Poetic.

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