Black-ish Creator Calls Out Judd Apatow for 'Obsessive' Cosby Rants


In light of Bill Cosby’s recent rape allegations, Judd Apatow has been adamant on Twitter about how much he detests the comedian. But Black-ish creator Kenya Barris finds the director’s public tirades a little odd. Barris sent a series of tweets on Monday night, criticizing his peer for what he calls a “strangely obsessive” campaign against Cosby.

Unfortunately, Barris’ argument banks on the fact that Cosby could possibly be innocent. But he also carped on Apatow’s seemingly one-dimensional portrayal of black men in his films (a valid point, though most of the men in those films are caricatures). Barris’ tweets:

Apatow does seem to choose his battles based on privilege, but Cosby is clearly fair game for criticism. Barris ended by complimenting Apatow:

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