Brilliant, Brave 11-Year-Old Speaks Out Against Bullshit Antigay Bills


Meet Marcel Neergaard, a sixth-grader from Tennessee who was bullied so badly that his parents chose to homeschool him. Bravery in the face of the bigotry, Marcel is now speaking out against Tennessee’s dangerous, hateful, and painfully stupid antigay bigot bills.

In this video, the 11-year-old calls for Tennessee nonprofit StudentsFirst to rescind the Reformer of the Year award they gave to awful antigay state rep John Ragan — he even launched a petition to get the job done.

Here’s a little about the charming Ragan:

In February, Ragan, an Oak Ridge Republican, introduced the Classroom Protection Act, which has been described as an even more homophobic version of state senator Stacey Campfield’s infamous “don’t say gay” bill. Campfield is also a cosponsor of the Classroom Protection Act, which would forbid teachers from discussing any sexual activity that is “inconsistent with natural human reproduction.” The bill later died in the legislature.

You can sign Neergard’s petition here.


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