Bristol Palin's Heckler Finally Apologizes


There are many legitimate reasons to dislike Bristol Palin. Her mother being a “whore” isn’t one of them. Though everyone else realized this immediately after seeing video of Stephen Hanks heckling Bristol Palin in a bar, it took him several days to comprehend the douchiness of his actions.

Though Hanks said in an interview with TMZ last week that he wasn’t sorry and would do it all again, now he tells E! that after watching the footage,

“I have come to the conclusion that no matter what my feelings are towards Sarah Palin, I should not have expressed them towards her daughter, Bristol Palin. I am very passionate about politics, and believe in equality for all Americans. I expressed my feelings in an improper manner in the heat of the moment, and allowed my emotions to get the better of me.
My political views are solely mine, and not those of my friends, colleagues or the establishment for which I work. I apologize to them for my poor judgment that night, and to Bristol for any hurt my actions may have caused her. I wish Bristol success with her television show, and much happiness in the future.”

Don’t expect a similar apology from Bristol. It may have sounded bad when she asked Hanks if he hates her mom because he’s homosexual, but that isn’t homophobic because she says it isn’t.

Earlier: Post-Bar Heckling, Bristol Palin Declares She’s No Homophobe

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