British Politician In Photoshopping Scandal • Ashley Dupree Goes Up In Flames


• A British parliamentary candidate has received some criticism for airbrushed photos that appeared on a billboard with the slogan “It’s time for a change.” Her personal assistant claims that Caroline Dinenage had no idea the photo had been changed.

He says he asked a friend of his to make the pictures “suitable for a billboard” by making Dinenage appear “more attractive.” Dinenage still says the image wasn’t retouched, and just looked different when blown up large. • Former Spitzer call-girl Ashley Dupree caught fire recently on a shoot for Playboy. According to sources, Dupree was lying on the ground nude surrounded by candles when her a few strands of her hair went up in smoke. Fortunately, no was was injured. • Women are twice as likely to die within a month of having a heart attack than men, says a new study. Researchers are not entirely sure why women have higher risks of death from heart disease, but it may have something to do with the treatment they received. • Scientists have found that men who go bald at a young age are up to 45% less likely to develop prostate cancer. They believe it has something to do with their heightened testosterone levels. • Speaking of testosterone, an Australian-based drug company has developed an underarm cream that can be used in treating men with insufficient amounts of the hormone. They hope the armpit gel will become a rival for Viagra, and expect to make bank off this odd-sounding discovery. • A Detroit woman won a $100,000 settlement over her co-workers perfume and room deodorizer. Susan McBride complained that she could not work around the smelly stuff (she said she was “chemically sensitive”) but her boss did not respond to her requests. City employees are now being advised to avoid strong scented products in the office. • A Russian couple were found dead on Tuesday in a car parked in a tiny garage. They apparently went into the Volkswagen to have sex and turned on the engine for warmth. Sadly (but somewhat predictably) the carbon monoxide fumes poisoned them mid-coitus. • Michelle Obama can add another line to her resume next week when Newsweek publishes their issue on childhood obesity. The First Lady penned the cover story, which touches on familiar themes like exercise, the importance of good parenting, and how to change the American diet. • Ever wondered what would happen if you wandered around a museum with your giant, flaccid, pink penis out there where everyone could see it? Watch this video to find out how that story ends (spoiler: it’s a stuffed member). • Chelsea Clinton got a chance to show off her new engagement ring to a crowd of eager onlookers, including Tina Brown, Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller. However, she did not reveal any details about her upcoming nuptials. • Malalai Joya was the youngest politician elected in Afghanistan, but now she is living what she calls a “fugitive’s life.” She has been expelled from Parliament and received numerous death threats for her stance on women’s rights. She refuses to be silenced, and continues to work against the warlords that control much of the government. Unfortunately, Joya’s message is needed now more than ever, as it becomes increasingly clear that women are not welcomed into government positions.

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