British Vogue Says Its Adele Cover Is A Best-Seller


British Vogue says its current Adele cover is “one of the magazine’s most popular (and best-selling),” but didn’t make any circulation numbers available, perhaps because it is still on sale. [Vogue UK]

Supermodel Lara Stone has some thoughts on Dutch prostitutes: “They get more bloody benefits than I do. The women are their own bosses. They rent their own space, pay taxes. It’s better than standing on a street corner like a crack whore.” Stone also says growing up in the Dutch town of Mierlo was awesome. “I used to smoke so much pot when I was living there. That’s why I can’t remember so much,” she says. “But really it’s just a plant.” [Australian Telegraph]” [Australian Telegraph]

Kirsten Dunst wears bangs and that Giambattista Valli pink-and-red dress on the new cover of Flare. [HL]

  • There’s a rumor that Kelly Cutrone may replace André Leon Talley as a judge on America’s Next Top Model. Talley has been with the show for four seasons cycles. [P6]
  • The latest from “sources” close to the Christian Dior job search: “It’s a pretty tricky situation, as the three favourites really can’t take the job. Haider Ackermann is said to be ‘way too edgy’ for Dior; Marc Jacobs wanted the job a lot, but LVMH wants him to stick with Vuitton; and Riccardo Tisci simply refused, saying that he was feeling more than comfortable with the job at Givenchy. So nobody’s taking over so far.” Dior: the job nobody wants. Yeah, right! Supposedly, Alexander Wang‘s name has been bandied about. Our take? This is a feint to make Jacobs — who’s supposedly asked for $10 million salaries for himself and his business partner, Robert Duffy — sweat a little. [Vogue UK]
  • Yesterday, the headlines. And now, the reax headlines: “The Duchess of Cambridge should avoid Anna Wintour and US Vogue like the plague.” Read on for how fashion is terrible, royalty is awesome, and Princess Diana’s “Faustian pact” with the fashion industry ruined her life. [Telegraph]
  • To celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary, Gucci opened a museum of its brand in Florence. It’s right next to the Palazzo Vecchio, where Michelangelo’s “David” was displayed from its completion until 1873 (a famous replica now stands there). Handbags, masterpieces of Renaissance sculpture: they’re, like, totally the same, right? [WWD]
  • Tod’s chief Diego Della Valle in full-on get-off-my-lawn mode: “I have a lot of problems with the new electronics. I’m not familiar with a touch screen and I need lots of help from my son and my butler. I have one mobile phone, and I don’t have a BlackBerry or email.” [WSJ]
  • “I remember sitting with Halston and Andy and Halston would throw Andy’s cash into his fireplace,” says photographer Christopher Makos. “He’d sit there laughing as Andy burnt his fingers trying to pull his notes out of the fire.” These remarks are in a documentary about Roy Halston Frowick called Ultrasuede. “His demise had a Byronesque-Rimbaud quality to it,” says Anjelica Huston, who modeled for Halston. (Halston died of lung cancer and complications from AIDS at age 57. “It was about being young and doing everything you shouldn’t. The nights got longer and the mornings got harder for him. It was romantic in a way.” Says Diane von Furstenberg, “He was one of the reasons I got into fashion. He introduced a liberal approach to fashion; a modern approach. But we all make mistakes — sometimes you associate with the wrong names — his was working with JC Penney: he never recovered from that. He lost his heart I think. He became part of that Seventies phenomenon — you know, abuse.” [Vogue UK]
  • Lindsey Wixson fell on the runway at the Versace show. [Daily Mail]
  • “The latest fashion trend in hip-hop has its male stars raiding the women’s clothing department for inspiration.” Stay cutting-edge, Associated Press. [AP]
  • Some of these fashion industry blind items may shock you, so don’t read on if you’re wearing pearls: Glamour UK says that a designer may enjoy cocaine, which he consumes via something called a “coke straw.” Another designer has a handjob stage in his interview process for assistants. However, this one’s just weird: “Another [designer] is a well-known misogynist and makes his staff search models’ handbags to see if they have tampons or sanitary towels on them. He won’t work with any woman ‘in season,’ as he calls it, and send them home with no notice or pay.” [Fashionista]
  • At a planned perfume launch/store opening in Paris this week, Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons plans to screen “a fake television commercial for a new Comme des Garçons scent that boasts notes of industrial glue and brown — not clear — Scotch tape.” [WWD]
  • Macy’s says it plans to hire around 78,000 temporary workers this holiday season — slightly more than the 75,000 it hired last year. This will surely stop the double dip. [WWD]
  • And here is the inevitable Lindsay-Lohan-is-hooking-up-with-Philipp-Plein rumor. Philipp Plein, the designer whom nobody had heard of prior to him booking LiLo for a campaign, sure is milking this publicity for all its worth. (Which is not that much.) [Fox]
  • You can now get Hello Kitty stuff at Forever 21. [Racked]
  • And now, a moment with Bottega Veneta creative director Tomas Maier, talking perfume:
  • I think in today’s world, the disposable years are behind us. I always like to make a product in a way that you can enjoy it for a long time…[This perfume] will not live on its own once it hits the shelf at Neiman’s or Bergdorf’s or wherever, as it will certainly sit next to other fragrances. I can give it as much as I can give, though-a distinct bottle design, an idea. I can give it a distinct cap that I’ve designed; I can give it a distinct scent that is not marketed to the mass market. In today’s world, when a scent is made, it is always made like the latest success on the market. It’s hippie-shnippy from this house, so everything smells like hippie-shnippy for the next four years. That does work, just like, “Let’s just put a name of a starlet on it, and we’ll sell it because everybody likes that scent now” works. But we don’t work like that.
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