Britney Spears's Children Hate When She's 'Britney Spears'


Here’s a half-cute, half-bleak Friday story for you. Sean and Jaden Federline hate it—absolutely hate it—when their Britney Spears, their mother, assumes the identity of Britney Spears, the popstar.

Entertainment Tonight reports that before her regular Vegas shows, Spears often spends time backstage playing games with Sean and Jaden. (What games, I wonder.) And her long-time assistant, Felicia Culotta, says that just before Spears takes the stage, “her sons get sad” and say, “No, please don’t make her be Britney Spears right now.”

Excuse me while I sink into my chair and imagine myself caught in this scene from I Heart Huckabees:

While I understand that it’s sweet to know Spears has such a loving relationship with her boys, I can’t help but wonder what kind of memoir one (or both) of them will write in 30 years. A kind of Postcards From the Edge-lite called, like, Mommy, One More Time.

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