Bullies Force Tattoo On Disabled Kid


A fourteen-year-old learning-disabled boy in New Hampshire was the victim of what is perhaps a new, sickening front of bullying: forcible tattooing. “Poop dick,” and a picture of a penis were tattooed across his buttocks.

What ever happened to drawing a penis in magic marker?

The Smoking Gun has the arrest warrant, as well as the mug shots (two of them are above.) Four out of five of them at 18, and thus can be tried as adults; a fifth is 15 and will also be charged. They are accused of a range of offenses from simple assault to endangering the welfare of a child to tattooing without a license.

The victim was told that if he agreed to be tattooed without a fight, the upperclassmen would stop bullying him. One of these winners, Blake VanNest (not pictured here), evidently has a swastika tattooed on his chest. He threatened the victim with sexual assault if he didn’t cooperate. When the police interviewed him, it was clear he didn’t even know the victim’s real name — nor did the other perpetrators.

Tattoo Bullies Busted [TSG]

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