Burger King Malaysia is Releasing Monster Nacho Burgers

In Depth

To coincide with the release of the new Godzilla movie (for some reason?), Burger King Malaysia is releasing a line of burgers and chicken sandwiches topped with some truly epic fixins.

The burgers/chicken sandwiches come in one, two, or three patty amounts and are smothered in BBQ sauce and mayo, and are topped with — yes — nachos. They’re named after a Malaysian word that means (kind of) “monster.”* There’s also a Raksasa Wrap (pictured below) with fried chicken, BBQ sauce, mayo, and nachos, and what looks like a milkshake topped with chocolate nachos, which I didn’t realize was a thing, but damn, you go, Malaysia. Finally, every 3 AM college dorm dream you’ve ever had has come true…if you live in a specific part of Asia/Oceania, anyway.

Once again, since this is BK Malaysia, we’re unlikely to see these wonderstrosities here in the States — and just like that, thousands of American stoners cried out in sadness, and were silent. The fact that they’re not coming here is surprising, actually — do they think Americans wouldn’t eat these?! We eat Doritos Locos Tacos and the Baconator, for shit’s sake! This is tame (brilliant, but tame) by comparison.

No snarky jokes here, guys; I’d eat these things in a heartbeat. I mean, of course I would; what the hell am I, made of stone? Come on. I have no idea what a thousand-foot tall lizard demon-beast has to do with a massive heart attack sandwich, but presumably even Godzilla gets the munchies once in a while.

BRB, checking on flights to Malaysia.

*Rakshasas are mythological humanoid beings/evil spirits from Hindu folklore (later incorporated into Buddhist folklore) that have also made their way into Western popular culture as mythological monsters; they’re in numerous tabletop settings, and Sam and Dean on Supernatural had to kill one at one point. I have to assume the root word for “Raksasa” comes from the same place, and holy fuck, look at this entire paragraph, I am a GIANT nerd.

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