By the Rage of Rafalca: GMA Ruins Ann Romney's Family Recipe


Possible First Lady Ann Romney guest-anchored on Good Morning America this morning and it should have gone great. Whether or not you agree with her husband or her own politics, let’s face it — Ann Romney is the perfect candidate to do the morning news. She’s bubbly, warm-ish and has a coif of blond hair that never loses its bounce. She’s got a nice speaking voice and seems like someone with enough patience to sit down with the reunited cast of Grace Under Fire to find out where they all are now.

So, yes. Her GMA appearance ought to have been a sure thing, a hole in one, nothing but net for the Romney campaign, but instead it was just — well — it was just a little awkward. This wasn’t entirely Ann’s fault. It was more the responsibility of the show. Why? Because straight off the bat (I hope you’re keeping track of all these sports metaphors, there will be a quiz later), GMA caused her to burn her goddamn Welsh cakes. The Welsh cakes she was taught to make by her grandmother are now the Welsh cakes that are burning on the GMA griddle. Outrage.

Ann wasn’t the only one to have a cooking mishap on today’s show. Stanley Tucci was there doing a demonstration to promote his new cookbook when GMA managed to burn his butter. Luckily, he had Ann, still holding a grudge from her earlier incident, to commiserate with. “They burned my Welsh cakes, too,” Ann said sadly to which Tucci replied, “This show’s a disaster.”

Maybe, once the election is over, Ann Romney can start her own morning show where such mishaps never happen. Rafalca can co-host.

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