California To Regulate Fertility Clinics? • Celebrate Square Root Day

• In response to the public outrage over Nadya Suleman‘s reproductive choices, now a California lawmaker has introduced a bill to regulate fertility clinics, which currently operate with minimal supervision from the state. •

• A Pennsylvania man is facing criminal charges after throwing a party, complete with alcohol and a stripper pole, for his teenage son. The party was attended by kids as young as 14, and the father spent his time DJing and shouting “get on the pole” to the underage girls in attendance. • Media Bistro notices that all the major TV networks have male chief White House correspondents. • This story has all the makings of a sitcom: identical twin sisters Michelle and Teresa Frizziola are rookie NYPD cops. The 5’3″ sisters are also fourth degree black belts in Goju-ryu karate. • An arrest warrant has been issued for suspect Ingmar Guandique in the Chandra Levy killing. • The remains of a medieval teenage girl who was decapitated for witchcraft are going to be given a Christian burial and funeral service. Nothing like apologizing 700 years after the fact! • Today is Girl’s Day in Japan. The holiday is usually celebrated by displaying special ornamental dolls. • Today is also square root day: Celebrate by eating radishes, carrots or other roots. • This article debunks the 5 myths of fertility treatment. Short version: it’s not easy, egg donors are risking their lives, and children born of IVF face serious health risks. • First “sexting,” now this: “textual harassment.” Stalkers are using text messages to send threatening messages to their victims. • The legal advocacy group that won their case for gay marriage in Massachusetts has filed suit today that seeks to extend federal benefits for spouses in same-sex couples. • Janis Ian talks to NPR about her famous song “Society’s Child” and her newly released autobiography. •

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