Calvin Harris Allegedly Made His Instagram Private Because of Annoying Taylor Swift Fans

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Adam “Calvin Harris” Wiles just made his Instagram account private, and it’s not because all 4.4m of his closest friends had finally followed. The brave investigators over at ONTD did a little digging and discovered that the real reason for Wiles’s sudden lock was that he was “getting tired of people commenting about Karlie being better for Taylor/Harry being better for Taylor.”

The proof, apparently, is in a tumblr post that suggests Kaylor (Karlie/Taylor) and Haylor (Harry/Taylor) “shippers” had been posting disrespectful comments on Wiles’s Instagrams.

ONTD claims Taylor liked the post, then unliked it soon after. And you know what? I believe it! I believe every single word of it. (For the record, I ship Kaylor.)


Charlie Sheen is trying to sell his memoir for $10 million. It’s not a ridiculous number (Amy Schumer made $8m), but some are suggesting it’s a little late in his career for such a big ask.

A veteran at a “major publishing house” told Page Six:

“When Charlie starred in ‘Two and a Half Men,’ it was a funny comedy, but the idea of $10 million is even funnier. So much of his life has played out in public, and so much is sordid — in this case there may be too much information. What’s left to find out?”

What’s left to find out? Oh, I don’t know, ANONYMOUS PUBLISHER—maybe fun facts about Emilio Estevez and whether or not he kept in touch with Jennifer Grey after Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

[Page Six]

Justin Theroux has joined Instagram, which is fine, but I was hoping for his wife.

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