Can A Kardashian Be A Fashion Icon?


One of these things is not like the others. And yet, says the legendary designer, Kim K has “the gene that makes them able to market personal style skill into a mega business.” Maybe?

The others are, of course, perennial icons — hell, two out of three rate a single name. Cher’s legendary flamboyance, says Kamali, “opened the door to self-expression in personal marketing.” Madonna, the famed chameleon, meant “we were never left feeling tired or bored with Madonna,” a skill unsurpassed until the age of Gaga. All fair enough, certainly. But Kim Kardashian? Does she even have a defined aesthetic, beyond “tight” and “sometimes looks okay?” You can’t just slip her into that list casually like it makes sense!

And yet, maybe even making it onto this list, however arbitrary, silly and self-serving, is proof that Kamali’s right. Kim Kardashian doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t have a distinctive look. She doesn’t stand for anything. And yet, sure enough, she’s created a brand. If Seinfeld was the show about nothing, Kardashian is the celebrity about nothing…and yet, totally famous. But whereas Kamali would say “gene,” I’d argue “PR” — you’ll notice in her new perfume ad, she’s wearing a Norma Kamali bathing suit.

Kim Kardashian, Madonna And Lady Gaga Have Something Other Women Don’t [Huffington Post]

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