Cast Of Brilliant-But-Canceled Party Down Reunites Briefly


Arrested Development. Pushing Daisies. Firefly. When beloved shows are cancelled before they really had their moment, fans will sometimes never get over the loss. But at the end of last night’s episode of Childrens Hospital, viewers who adored the show got a special surprise: Party Down was the catering crew of choice for the hospital’s Bar Mitzvah.

But wait, how can Megan Mullally and Ken Marino be in the same hospital at the same time as both of their characters from the shows? It doesn’t really matter. But it was thrilling to see the two, plus Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen (and not Adam Scott because he was away filming a movie) back together in bow ties, albiet blue ones. Marino spoke to New York Magazine about the scene above:

“It was great. It was bittersweet because all of us who worked on Party Down know how special and wonderful that was, and we still are a little sad that it didn’t go any further. So it was kind of cool to see everybody back in their uniforms and doing their parts, but then it was sad because it’s a short little piece that we did on an eleven-minute show. When it ended, we were all like, “Goddamn it.”

Goddamn it, indeed. Marino also spoke about the possible Party Down movie: “I think there’s progress on it. We’re talking about it, we’re working on it. But, again, everybody’s very busy. We all want it to happen, so that’s the big plus.” Well, for now we’ll take the mini-reunion from last night, considering it’s meta-casting moment was made even more meta by taking place inside of the very same hospital where they filmed Scrubs.

Ken Marino on Childrens Hospital’s Party Down Episode, Wet Hot Reunions, and His Possibly Weak Lungs [New York Magazine]

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