Catch Me at Walmart in Sonja By Sonja Morgan Fashions

Catch Me at Walmart in Sonja By Sonja Morgan Fashions

An Intercom Crackles… “Attention all Walmart Customers, this is blogger and fashion enthusiast Joan Summers, here to announce that I am strutting my stuff in Sonja By Sonja Morgan, available now on Aisle 5… of our website!”

Calling all girlbosses! Sonja Morgan, entrepreneur, Real Housewives of New York star, and former billionaire’s wife, has moved her inventory out of the crumbling ruins of Century 21 on Broadway, and into Walmart stores nationwide! On Instagram Thursday, the retail giant announced on Instagram: “A little glam goes a long way. Chic styles from Sonja By Sonja Morgan are now available on”

On the brand’s own Instagram account, they shared even more looks from the “collection,” if it can be called that.

Congratulations, Sonja!

The news comes after Morgan’s line was yanked from Century 21 shelves and racks in 2020, when the iconic New York discount retailer closed its doors amid a bankruptcy filing. (It’s coming back in some form later this year.) In a statement to Page Six, she said of her brand’s future: “[The] rug has been pulled from under [me]. I found a family there and a home for my collection. All these years I was looking for the right place.” On the show, viewers also watched her failure to launch both a toaster oven collection and a line of party wines.

Maybe this time, Sonja will stick the landing.

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