Cats vs. Dogs: The First Round Goes Out With A Bang


Round one of our March Madness Dogs vs. Cats tournament ends today with our final two matches, after which we’ll have sixteen of the sweetest competitors. Grab your flashlights, ’cause no one’s going gently into the good night.

For an updated, printable version of the bracket (above), go here. A print version of the original can be found here.

First, an update on yesterday’s games: We had a double upset, with Siamese and Snoopy taking down Persian and Lassie, respectively. Timmy’s crying himself to sleep right now, hope you’re happy.

But there’s no looking back. Just keep on moving forward.

Tabby (2) vs. Sphynx (15)

Are you the adventurous type? Spontaneous? Do you seek out new experiences and have a natural curiosity? Then meet Sphynx, an interesting, hairless wonder. However, if you’re a person who prefers the tried and true, you’re probably going to lean Tabby. It’s the exotic versus the classic.

Black Lab (2) vs. Mutt (15)

Shit. Seriously, shit. Seeds are just seeds, they are meaningless when competitors take to the court. What does have meaning: Labs. Mutts. Americana. What do you do?

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