CBS Swaps Out Television Episodes With 'Terrorism-Related Plotlines' 


On Monday, November 16, CBS originally planned to air episodes of Supergirl and NCIS: Los Angeles that tackled terrorist-related subject matter. Seeing as this material would be jarring, to say the least, after the attacks in Paris and Beirut, the episodes have been swapped for more innocuous ones.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, both shows featured “terrorism-related plotlines.” Supergirl, the A.V. Club reports, would have featured “the eponymous hero racing around her city to stop a series of bombing.” NCIS: LA’s narrative would have focused on women being recruited to join ISIS. It’s not clear as to whether either episode will air in the future.

CBS is not the only network to make last minute changes to their programming in the interest of being sensitive to last week’s atrocities. In lieu of a cold open, Saturday Night Live issued a message of support to all of Paris. NBC, too, cancelled its live episode of Undateable and shared the following on Twitter:

And, of course, many networks devoted large swaths of time to covering breaking news across the Atlantic, all the while speculating–as we, too, speculate and wonder–what will happen next.

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Top Image via CBS. Embedded Image via Twitter.

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