Charlie Day Has a Zac Efron Shrine

We all know that ladies absolutely love Charlie Day. But who does Charlie Day love? Turns out (and this should be no surprise) it’s Zac Efron.

In a faraway place called Hollywoodlandia, Day lives next to Efron, because of course he does. He told Conan O’Brien “strange teenage girls” camp out by Efron’s house writing love letters and hoping to get a glimpse of Mr. Six Pack Abs himself. Sometimes they mistake his gate (HAHAHA CHARLIE DAY HAS A GATE HAHAHA) for his. So what’s a fellow to do with thousands of borderline creepy teenage love letters to a former teen Disney star? Build your own shrine, of course! This seems exactly like something Charlie on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia would do, but instead of Efron, it would be a shrine to someone like Danny Aiello. I can totally see that happening.

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