Cher Translates Her Crazy Tweets and It Is the Absolute Best


Following Cher on Twitter might be one of the easiest gifts you can give yourself. The legend’s string of consistently hilarious 140 character missives tend to oscillate between badass and nonsensical, her tweets often cut off mid sentence and they often fail to include any punctuation at all, which somehow only adds to their overall awesomeness.

While the inscrutability of Cher’s tweets are a major part of their appeal, there’s also something nice about understanding what the hell it is that Cher is talking about. Unfortunately, the only way to find out what Cher means on Twitter is to ask Cher directly, preferably in person, which is an access that most of us — tragically — do not have. Lucky for us, there’s Andy Cohen who used Cher’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live to have her translate some of her better tweets into a language that can be understood by mere mortals like us.

While we’re at it, let’s watch Cher and Andy play a round of “Gypsies, Tramps and Tea” where she dishes on some of her Hollywood acquaintances. Apparently, Tom Cruise was cool pre Scientology and Nic Cage is awesome and crazy, but who cares because — according to Cher — “we’re all off the deep end.”

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