Cherele's 'vi$ions' Is All Like, 'Eat It'


With “vi$ions,” Florida vocalist Cherele joins the hallowed canon of women telling their lovers to “eat it” on wax, a deeply noble endeavor. The video, which includes a moment where she Omars-out and robs some drug dealers before screaming into her phone with a red cup (the latter part: I can relate), debuted today and comes from the tape Paradise Lost. Fact describes it as Neptunesian and I would not disagree—that low-end synth skronk reminiscent of Pharrell and Chad Hugo’s breakout “Shake Ya Azz,” for Mystikal, and a handful of other Neptunes jams. Maybe it’s been enough time (and enough Pharrell disco) since they forged their signature sound, but this just sounds right. A good jam for a Friday afternoon DGAF.

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